Florida's Challenge

Florida’s environment is one of the most brutal in the United States as far as heat, humidity, and airborne allergens are concerned. Our extreme climate parameters demand more than the cursory review frequently given during the mechanical system design analysis of most homes.

J. F. Smith Addresses Indoor Air Quality

We are proud to have earned past certifications from the Indoor Air Quality Association that are the hallmarks of leading technologies in the control and diagnostics of indoor environments. Our construction processes will be aggressively managed to provide the very best indoor environments possible as part of our commitment to control and manage your home’s interior humidity and vapor control. We at J. F. Smith always hope that our houses will exhibit the timeless beauty from the architecture of the past, but we are always certain that their indoor environments will be as comfortable as allowed by the technology of the present.

Modern Construction Techniques

J. F. Smith's modern construction techniques place a focus on developing a building envelope system that controls air contaminants, human pathogens, microbial growth, and exterior environmental factors. Proper implementation of this process is critical to the health and well-being of your new home and the people in it.

Emphasis on Efficient Design

Through a study of psychrometrics, a strong focus is placed upon heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the ways in which these systems directly affect moisture control and occupant comfort within the building environment.

Why manage your indoor environment?

  • Less energy use and expense
  • More durability for the entire structure
  • More durability for the air conditioning and heating system
  • More balanced distribution of conditioned air throughout the living area
  • More comfort
  • Less indoor pollutants
  • Less allergenic particulates in the home
  • More of what being inside is all about!